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It means that client need to pay on cost per sale and it will be calculated either on percentage basis or it will be fixed. There would be different channels to drive the traffic like coupons/deals websites, blogs, comparison portals, cash back websites, search marketing and many more. This model provides the most relevant traffic to the advertisers.


It means cost per lead and client need to pay on every quality lead. Pricing varies market to market. Traffic would be generated through email marketing, display marketing, social marketing, RTB platforms and many other channels. Lead generation basically helps in collecting relevant contacts according to the business nature.


Cost per click campaigns are basically used for branding purposes and it improves the audience reach and popularity of the brand. Here client will pay on per click basis or per thousand clicks basis. To generate traffic, affiliates usually adopted display marketing, particular landing pages and other reliable sources.


It Stand for cost per view and cost per video. Both channels are used for brand marketing and popularity. Cost per video is expensive way of promotion but very connecting and eventful. Here client need to pay on CPV basis and it would be promoted through different channels such as Youtube.


It is a form of mobile marketing and is used to install mobile application of advertiser. Publishers place digital ads across a range of media in an effort to drive installation of the advertised app. The brand is charged a fixed or bid rate, only when the application is installed.

In App Sales

It is an affiliate marketing form used in mobile marketing. Publishers use their applications to generate the sales for clients. This is a modern-day technique to improve the reach of brand through mobile. It also works as CPS/CPA basis.

Why Speetii?

Speetii Performance Network helps you in scaling your
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We have huge database of publishers in different verticals such as travel, finance, fashion, shopping and many more. Connect with high quality publishers and increase your sales.

Robust Technology

Speetii provides user friendly interface to monitor your campaigns. Our robust technology provides you real time tracking and strong campaign insights.

Brand Protection

We have expert team to monitor the traffic coming to your website. We ensure quality traffic from our publishers to maximise your ROI.